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The Big 550 KTRS (550AM) is live and localThe Talk of St. Louis.

The station’s first broadcast aired on April 15th, 1996. The KTRS signal provides St. Louis and surrounding areas with 5,000 watts day and night, supplying our listeners with news, talk, sports and entertainment. KTRS holds Missouri’s largest daytime signal.

KTRS is the host of St. Louis’s best-known personalities. The station’s star lineup includes McGraw Milhaven, Kelly Jackson, Jon Grayson, John Carney, Frank O. Pinion, and Larry Conners. KTRS is the home of the Missouri Tiger’s football and basketball, the Saint Louis FC and the Memphis Redbirds.

The call letters KTRS stand for K Talk Radio St. Louis.

Despite the invention of satellite radio and iPods, AM and FM radio continues to be the most listened to medium by drivers. The future of radio appears strong. Many predict that radio revenue will increase by nearly 2% in 2015, a greater expected increase than both TV (1.7%) and print (-7.9%). It is expected that radio will capture 10% of U.S. media spending, accounting for nearly $18 billion.
The trademark of great radio programming begins with a community. The Big 550 takes tremendous pride in being a local, community driven radio station. We are St. Louis, from our investors and management to our Personalities, and everything in between. We understand that it is our connection to our local community that continues to set us apart from other stations. Many syndicated stations claim to be local, but seriously lack the ability to truly reflect our community. The Big 550’s presence at local events keeps our visibility high, while furthering our effort to broadcast news stories relevant to St. Louis and its community. Through our KTRS Cares initiative, we try to team up with as many local non-profits as possible to help advertise their efforts within the St. Louis community and surrounding areas.
We are more than just a radio station, we are St. Louis.