Advertising… the bread and butter, the bottomline, the cash cow; whatever you want to call it we have it in two flavors. At KTRS, we understand that reaching listeners is crucial to deliver news, traffic, sports and information; using the same avenue you can reach our listeners to promote your company or product. We offer two ways of advertising, online or on-air.


Huge numbers of St. Louis-region ears spend great chunks of their precious time tuned into The Big 550 KTRS. We know how to turn those ears into business for you!

We offer a variety of plans to accommodate your radio advertising needs, in every range of investment. Put the broadcast expertise of The Big 550 to work for you today!

Call 314.453.5536 and discover how to get all those ears that listen to The Big 550 paying attention to your message!


There are lots of visitors coming to our site, you are one of them right this second. As we add more and more information and features to the website, more and more visitors will spend more and more time here…paying more and more attention to the clickable banner ads on many of our pages.

We offer a variety of plans to schedule your banner ads here, using industry-standard banner sizes and custom-sized buttons, all of which are amazingly affordable. We can link those images to your existing website or develop a custom “mini-site” for you within ours. And we can even create your banner ad for you if you don’t have a graphic designer!

Put the New Media expertise of The Big 550 to work for you today!

Contact us today for your on-air and online enquiries.

Mark Dorsey

Director of Sales