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In Cod We Trust

McGraw Milhaven takes listener’s calls to determine the BEST Fish Fry in St. Louis

ABC News Correspondent Gives an Update on GermanWings Crash in the Alps

Hamish McDonald joins The McGraw Show to give us an update on the GermanWings crash in the Alps.

Dyna Green Does Wonders for McGraw Milhaven’s Lawn

Chris Erwin joins The McGraw Show to discuss the effects of Dyna Green Fertilizer.

The Time McGraw Milhaven’s TiVo Thought He Was Gay (Not That There is Anything Wrong with That)

McGraw Milhaven and Kelly Jackson discuss how TiVo and Facebook “remember” their interests.

Simple Machine Plays The Doors

Simple Machine Joins The McGraw Show

Jennifer Blome Talks About Adopting Furry Friends

Jennifer Blome, APA Humane Educator, joins The McGraw Show with her furry friend Orbit

Simple Machine Plays Fire by Jimi Hendrix

High School Band joins The McGraw Show to play Jimi Hendrix Song  –

Kevin Kern Discusses Two New Exhibition in Graceland

Kevin Kern visits The McGraw Show to discuss the two new exhibitions in Memphis and the new exhibition in Vegas.

Protesters Harass Law Enforcement, As Leadership Goes Silent


Cat Neville Discusses Pastries and BBQ