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David Koechner Talks About His New Show “Superior Doughnuts”

David Koechner joined John Carney to talk about his new show “Superior Doughnuts.” The show airs on CBS Mondays at 8pm.

Carney Classic: Bruce Vilanch Talks About Writing For The Award Shows

With the Oscars being this Sunday, John Carney reached into the vault and found a past interview with Bruce Vilanch talking about writing for an Award...

Bob Berman Talks About The New Planets Discovered At Trappist 1

Bob Berman, known as “Skyman Bob”, joined John Carney to talk about the new planets discovered at Trappist 1 and whether there is a chance...

Author Of Trump’s America: The Complete Loser’s Guide Talks About His Book

Scott Dikkers is founding editor of The Onion and recently published a book titled “Trump’s America: The Complete Loser’s Guide.R...

A Local Band Talks About Opening For Bon Jovi When He Was In St. Louis

The Former Me won a constant to open up for Bon Jovi while he was in St. Louis. Ryan Coyle and Matt Grimsley, from The Former Me, joined John Carney t...

Hacker Kevin Mitnick Talks About How To Be Safe Online In An Age Of Big Data

Hacker Kevin Mitnick joined John Carney to talk about how to be safe in the age of Big Brother and Big Data. Kevin Mitnick has a new book talking abou...

Sam Moore Talks His Career And What He Is Up To Now

Sam Moore, famous for being part of Sam and Dave, joined John Carney to talk about his career and what he is doing now.

Producer For Oscar Nominated “Hacksaw Ridge” Talks About That Film And His Career

David Permut is the producer of “Hacksaw Ridge” which is an Oscar nominee for Best Picture. David joined John Carney to talk about that fi...

20 Years After The Successful Cloning Of Dolly An Expert Talks About That Event And Where We Are Now

Karen Weintraub is a science writer and she joined John Carney to talk about the successful cloning of Dolly 20 years ago and how far we’ve come...

One Of The Largest Caviar Producers Is Located Missouri

Steve Kahr is co-owner of L’Osage Caviar which is located in Osage Beach, MO. L’Osage Caviar is one of the top caviar producers and Steve ...