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Rachel Dolezal Talks About Racial Identity

Rachel Dolezal joined Jon Grayson to talk about racial identity which she addressed in her new book, “In Full Color.”

Susana Millman Talks About Life With The Grateful Dead

Susana Millman is the author of “Alive with the Dead: A Fly on the Wall with a Camera.” Susana joined John Carney to talk about life with ...

Todd Barry Talks About Touring Through Smaller Cities

Todd Barry released a new book titled “Thank You for Coming to Hattiesburg: One Comedian’s Tour of Not-Quite-the-Biggest Cities in the Wo...

George Mahe Gives An Update On The Local Restaurant Business

George Mahe joined John Carney for his weekly hit to give an update on the local restaurant industry.

5 Time Grammy Award Winner Victor Wooten Will Be Performing At The Old Rock House Tonight

Victor Wooten has won 5 Grammy Awards and won “Bass Player of the Year” from Bass Player magazine 3 times. Victor will be performing at t...

Ridley Pearson Talks About His New Book

Ridley Pearson is a St. Louis native and just released the 3rd book in the Kingdom Keepers: The Return series. Ridley joined Jon Grayson to talk abou...

The Story of How Adam and Eve Brought the Idea of Love to Us

Bruce Feiler is the author of The First Love Story: Adam, Eve and Us. This is a story about how Adam and Eve brought us the idea of love. Bruce Feile...

The Disappearing of Phone Booths: Manhattan’s Last 4 Phone Booths

Corey Kilgannon, writer for The New York Times, recently wrote an article about the disappearing of phone booths. Apparently, there are only 4 working...

Kelly Hansen Talks about Their Tour Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Their 1st Release

Kelly Hansen, lead singer for Foreigner, joined Jon Grayson to talk about their tour that will be coming through St. Louis celebrating the 40th annive...

One of the Greatest Scams in Financial History

David Enrich, financial enterprise editor for the Wall Street Journal, is the author of a new book titled,  The Spider Network. David joined Jon Gray...