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Big Sports Show NFL Week 6 Picks

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Big Sports Show NFL Week 6 Picks

Heuer Goes 8-4 Last Week, Wiese 7-5

                 Brendan 22-20 LW(7-5)        Jimmy 23-19 LW(8-4)

Cincy @ New England(-9)                         Cincy                                          Cincy

Baltimore @ NY Giants(-3)                  NY Giants                                   NY Giants

Carolina @ New Orleans(+2.5)            New Orleans                                Carolina

Pittsburgh @ Miami(+7.5)                   Miami                                             Miami

Jacksonville @ Chicago(-2.5)                 Chicago                                        Chicago

San Francisco @ Buffalo(-9)                  Buffalo                                          Buffalo

LA Rams  @ Detroit(-3)                          Rams                                          Rams

Cleveland @ Tennessee(-7)                  Tennessee                                 Tennessee

Philly @ Washington(+2.5)                       Philly                                       Skins

KC @ Oakland(+1)                                   KC                                            Oakland

Atlanta @ Seattle(-6)                             Seattle                                       Seattle

Dallas @ Green Bay(-4)                        Green Bay                                 Green Bay

Indy @ Houston(-3)                              Houston                                       Indy

Jets @ Arizona(-7.5)                              Zona                                            Jets

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By Brendan Wiese

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