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Final 9-25-16 Delaware

Category: Audio – John Carney



Tommy Chong: Comedian, Musician, Pot Head….Twinkle toes?

Tommy Chong, longtime half of Cheech and Chong, and noted marijuana advocate, joined ABC’s Dancing with the Stars this season, and has danced hi...

Roy Firestone, legendary sports broadcaster, joined the show to, just to make us cry

Roy Firestone, longtime sports broadcaster, and legendary interviewer (made famous for making people cry) just us on the show to talk about his length...

Michael Henderson from Phoenix Risk Assessment security firm stopped by The Carney Show to discuss personal safety in times of civil unrest

Michael Henderson, founder and CEO of Phoenix Risk Assessment personal security firm, joined John Carney on the air today to discuss personal safety i...

Bond, James Bond: Roger Moore talks to Carney about his new book, “One Lucky Bastard”

Roger Moore is 87 years old, and in the twilight of his life (his doctor said he can’t even drink martinis anymore!), but just try to slow him d...

Kenneth C. Davis, author of the “Don’t Know Much About” series, chats facts about Election Day

Kenneth C. Davis, who has penned 10+ books in the “Don’t Know Much About” series, comes on the show to share the weird/wild/interest...

Archival Linda Blair interview gets weird after learning that creepy bit about dating a 25-year-old Rick Springfield when she was 15

To celebrate Halloween week, we aired a snippet of an archive interview John did with Linda Blair in 2010, during the release of The Exorcist on BluRa...

Neil Diamond stopped by the Carney Show for a chat

Neil Diamond has a new album out – Melody Road – and we had a chance to sit down and discuss the new stuff, and some of his classic hits. ...

Artie Lange joins the Carney Show to plug his new stand up special

Artie Lange called into the show to plug his new stand-up special on Comedy Central, and ended up sharing the story about the one time he tried to mak...

Carney talks to Allen Salkin on his new book From Scratch, about the history of the Food Network

Allen Salkin dishes on who’s a diva, and who’s divine, in his new book From Scratch: Inside the Food Network, which is now 20 years old, c...