• 19:50

    How to Create a Garden Planting Calendar

    Step 1: Learn Last Spring Frost Date for Region You can check with a gardening neighbor or call your Cooperative Extension office. Since the actual last frost can occur days or weeks before or after t...
  • 19:48

    How to Start a Vegetable Garden

    START YOUR SEEDS Vegetables are divided into cool-season and warm-season. To get a jump on spring planting, you can start seedlings for warm-weather crops such as tomatoes, peppers and squash indoors ...
  • 19:46

    9 Clever Ways to Use Dollar Store Items as Planters

    1) Rubber Boots Rubber boots make great planters for tall plants. Use a utility knife to cut penny-sized holes in the bottom of each boot for drainage. Line the boot bottoms with pebbles to help with ...
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