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Tune in Monday – Friday as The Carney Show takes over the KTRS airwaves from 12-3pm. John will be joined by Kara Henderson Snead on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Carney’s commitment to a career in radio came on the heels of advice from his father, the late Jack Carney, who told him not to do it. As a professional defiant, young John knew what he had to do. It was on his twenty-first birthday that he celebrated his first day on the radio as the host of an afternoon country music show just outside of Denver (actually it was some 100 miles outside of Denver, but you’ve never heard of that town, and you can’t get there by car anyway!!). That first gig lasted only three months, but John says it was still a positive experience. “I really got to be a fast packer!”

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