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Tune in Monday – Friday as The Carney Show takes over the KTRS airwaves from 12-3pm. John will be joined by Kara Henderson Snead on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Carney’s commitment to a career in radio came on the heels of advice from his father, the late Jack Carney, who told him not to do it. As a professional defiant, young John knew what he had to do. It was on his twenty-first birthday that he celebrated his first day on the radio as the host of an afternoon country music show just outside of Denver (actually it was some 100 miles outside of Denver, but you’ve never heard of that town, and you can’t get there by car anyway!!). That first gig lasted only three months, but John says it was still a positive experience. “I really got to be a fast packer!”

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Kara Henderson

Kara Henderson Snead comes to KTRS and The Carney Show after a nearly 20 year career in television. Snead was a national sports correspondent and anchor for CNN and NFL Network covering everything from The Kentucky Derby to ten Super Bowls. She started her on-air career in Boston where she was nominated for an Emmy for a show she hosted while running the Boston Marathon. She retired from sports TV to marry St. Louis Rams GM Les Snead. They live in Clayton with Kara’s 10 yr old son.

Snead went to Duke University where she graduated with honors and a degree in Political Science. She was born in Massachusetts, raised in Georgia, and has lived everywhere from New York to London to LA– but this is her first time living in the Midwest. She loves learning about the amazing food, music, history and culture of St. Louis from Carney, while trying to teach him enough about sports so he doesn’t embarrass himself.

Josh Gilbert


Josh joined KTRS in 2010, working early mornings on the weekends – shifts nobody else wanted to do. Five years later, he’s still doing the jobs no one wants to do, and is producing The John Carney Show. While not generally a very excitable guy, his first loves lie in music, film, and anything to do with pop culture. A “Like”er of very few Facebook pages, his dislikes run in the thousands, and you can hear him complain on any number of topics, every day, as the Board Operator and self-proclaimed “voice of reason” on The Carney Show. Email him directly at