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This Week in Real Estate with Terry Hall

Sundays 1 PM - 3 PM CST

Tune in from 1-3pm every Sunday to hear Terry Hall talk about all things real estate. Call in with your questions and comments to 314-969-KTRS.

Since 1991, Terry Hall has been the most widely listened to real estate talk show host in America. His home-buying and home-selling seminars have drawn greater than 50,000 in attendance, boasting numbers among the highest in the nation. And all of this experience is brought to you through the booming voice of a Maplewood native who is happy to be back home on St Louis radio with KTRS 550 AM.

Terry has grown up within the pulse of our St Louis market, and his drive to help his neighbors navigate the world of residential real estate keeps him acutely in tune with the changes in the market and how they relate back to the wants and needs of the public. His website,, serves as a virtual encyclopedia of buying and selling real estate, allowing you to learn about the industry at your own pace through articles all written entirely by Terry himself, and giving you access to Terry through email for further guidance with your own personal real estate needs.

This Week in Real Estate is an information-packed call-in program that has been broadcasted in twenty-two states around the country. It covers everything from writing and negotiating contracts to financing, title issues, special programs for buyers, foreclosures, short-sales, real estate investing, and much more. Terry wants to help demystify the real estate market to give you the confidence to pursue the home of your dreams, which is why the phone lines are always open to you. Come interact with one of the most dynamic real estate brokers in the country with This Week in Real Estate with Terry Hall this Sunday afternoon!


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Eye on Health

Saturdays 5 PM - 6 PM CST

Illinios Eye Surgeons

Join Michael P. Jones, M.D. as he discusses all things eye care and health. Imagine a place where you see clearly for life. Because everything you need is yours, a complete system of care all under one roof. Your next eye exam (or your first). Your first pair of glasses (or your next). The advice you want about laser eye surgery—or the most advanced lens implants available. In fact, guidance for any eye condition, at every stage of your life.

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America's Wealth Management

Saturdays 1-2 PM CST - Sundays 12-1 PM CST

America's Wealth Management

Since 2003, Dean Bar­ber has enter­tained and informed con­sumers with his nation­ally syn­di­cated radio pro­gram America’s Wealth Man­age­ment Show. With a focus on the sec­ond half of the aver­age American’s invest­ment life­time, he uses this weekly plat­form to intro­duce indi­vid­u­als to the sound prin­ci­ples of asset man­age­ment, tax strate­gies, estate plan­ning and institutional-style invest­ing which, in the past, was reserved for only the very wealthy.

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Safe Money Radio

Saturdays ? PM - ? PM CST

Safe Money Radio

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Inside Out

Saturdays 11 AM - 1 PM CST

Inside Out

The Inside Out Show Saturdays 11am-1pm

Inside Out is the best of both worlds, expertise from gardening and landscaping to home improvement projects and handy tips. Inside Out is truly a great blend of the outdoors and the indoors, join John Shea and Jim McMillan Saturdays from 11-am-1pm. Call in with your questions at 314-969-KTRS or *KTRS from most cell phones.

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