Rick Sanborn


St. Louis first heard Rick Sanborn’s voice right here on this radio frequency 550 AM when the “Chase & Sanborn” show debuted. Since then Rick’s voice has become familiar to many listeners from the variety of AM & FM St. Louis stations where Rick has entertained and informed. He has anchored newscasts, hosted talk shows including the morning show here on KTRS. Additionally Rick has worn many ‘hats’ on music radio, including an actual cowboy hat (!) when he hosted country music radio shows, and he’s also entertained fans on rock ’n’ roll, oldies, and smooth jazz stations. To say Sanborn is a ‘music lover’ may be an understatement, Rick is consumed by music.


Authors have been told to ‘write what they know’ so it should be no surprise that Rick’s passion for music of all kinds will work it’s way into conversations on the show. Music references and tidbits may serve as ‘jumping off points’ leading to other topics.
Those topics include pop culture, politics, sports, …the big topics of the week your co-workers were buzzing about, or what your family talked about around the dining table.
There is no ‘predominant theme’ to the show, Rick says the all night listener already has knowledge of the daytime news so they deserve to listen to an easy going, fun show. Rick feels the army of workers, like hospital workers, first responders, security guards, janitorial staffs, wait staffs, entertainers, casino workers, many more, as well as ‘night owls’ in general, should be entertained with an ‘off-kilter’ show. That’s Rick’s mission. So if you’re up after a Saturday night out, or if you work overnight Saturdays into Sunday, check it out. Don’t let the name of the show fool you, you’ll hear a whole lotta good on “Nothing Really Good Happens After Midnight” KTRS’ new live show airing 12 a.m. to 5 a. m. Sunday mornings.