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Robert’s philosophy focuses on capital preservation; he has made assisting individualswith their retirement and estate planning his specialty. RLB Financial was founded with the philosophy that the needs of the client always come first. The mission is to help individuals in retirement, nearing retirement, self-employed and everyday people.


Robert, founder of RLB Financial, has been a leading financial advisor since 1992. Robert has provided investment and financial advisory services to individuals and business owners to form an elite group of clientele. RLB Financial focuses on the preservation of wealth. As an advisor Robert values the education he has received and believes it is the foundation of success in his business thus far. He has achieved the designation of Certified Financial Educator (CFEd); the designation is conveyed and supervised by the Heartland Institute of Financial Education through its Governing Board. The CFEd designation is awarded to those individuals who have proved competency in the understanding and presentation of financial planning educational courses, through the successful completion of a comprehensive exam. In addition, these individuals must have experience in the Financial Services or related industries for at least three years, as well as experience in teaching or training adult learners. Another distinguished designation Robert has achieved is the Charted Federal Employee Benefits Consultant); this allows Robert to include consultations with federal employees in regards to the federal retirement system.

Robert is a respected speaker. He has spoken at Missouri State University, Chamber of Commerce, Federal Courts, McConnell Air Force, Federal Prison Hospital, Veterans Administration, Ft. Leonard Wood and the Environmental Protection Agency to mention a few. He is also a consumer finance supporter that has been featured in the Springfield Business Journal, Ask the Experts. Robert has also been sought after across different media including KY5, KOUR 10 and the Fox Business News Network.

RLB Financial

Two City Place Drive

2nd Floor

St. Louis, MO 63141

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