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Soul School – Sundays 7-8 PM CST[/vc_text_titles]

A Lighter Side of Life
with Monique Waldman & Sara Hoffstot
On the Soul School Show, Monique and Sara explore these key areas that we can strengthen to improve personal quality of life:
Health & Wellness
Career Path
Social Support

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Monique Waldman, PLPC[/vc_text_titles][vc_text_titles title_type=”h2″ title=”Therapist, Founder & Co-Host” page_title_type=”v1″]Therapist, Founder & Co-Host[/vc_text_titles]

Monique Waldman is a provisionally licensed professional therapist. Monique launched SOUL SCHOOL on the radio and online to support people seeking to live a better life – emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Through private counseling, group therapy, education program, and retreats, Monique seeks to help people that feel stuck and unable to move along their life path.

A career-long healthcare veteran, Monique received a Master’s degree in professional counseling from Mckendree University. She has an undergraduate degree in Radiologic technology and worked in Neurosurgery as a surgical navigation field specialist in image guided surgery. She also taught x-ray at the college level and was a liaison for nine St. Louis area hospitals. Monique holds a certification in Nutritional Counseling to help guide clients in making the right dietary choices for their health, as poor diet can be a major contributor of chronic diseases. Monique is also a Nationally Certified Cancer Prevention Educator and is currently working toward her PHD in Medical Psychology.

Monique’s education and experience allow her to be a valuable resource to those who seek her help. Monique is passionate about helping people as she has lost many family members to cancer and spent over 8 years caring for her terminally ill parents. She is a determined patient advocate and has a profound interest in helping the caretakers of those who are chronically ill.

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Sara K. Hoffstot, LPC[/vc_text_titles][vc_text_titles title_type=”h2″ title=”Co-Host & Professional Therapist” page_title_type=”v1″]
Co-Host & Professional Therapist[/vc_text_titles]

Sara Hoffstot-Licensed Professional Counselor, owner of Inspire Professional Counseling and Inspirational Guru-fills the needs of many.

The 14-year mental health professional was inspired at a young age. Through volunteering and giving back to others and the awards that came along with that, she knew the mental health field was the ultimate goal. She swiftly asserted herself, coupled her natural abilities, along with her education and her career began to skyrocket. She now is considered an Inspirational Guru, Owner of Inspire Professional Counseling Services and the radio Co-Host of Soul School. Sara studied at Bradley University and graduated with a M.A. Licensed Professional Counseling from Lindenwood University.

Sara started in many different mental health settings from volunteering, advocacy, clinician, case manager to therapist. Quickly she learned that to reach as many people as possible she must place herself in front of a larger audience all the while continuing to counsel one on one. Sara was featured in the St Louis Post- Dispatch. She also began Professionally Speaking and as a keynote for over a decade at Maryville University, Jefferson College, Girls In The Know, Working Women’s Survival Show, Missouri Nurses Association, Baue Funeral Home, West County Singles, YMCA and many more. Her experience, knowledge and upbeat personality earned her Professional Counseling Consulting on television and radio to the audiences of KSDK, FOX 2, 1380 The Woman, and The Best of STL.

Sara pioneered WebCam Counseling locally, for an up-to-the-minute technology that conveniently benefits both client and counselor. Inspire continues to follow and research wellness trends. FaceTime has been added to Inspires services as well as incorporating added early riser hours (7am) for those that would like counseling before work and later hours (8pm) for those that need counseling after work.

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CONTACT INFO[/vc_text_titles]

For more information on Soul Sunday, check out their Official Website.

Phone: (636) 775-0955

Email: info@soulschooltoday.com

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