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Posts Tagged: crime


Suspect in custody for Memorial Day shooting in Schnucks parking lot.

( KTRS ) Police say they have a suspect in custody related to a fatal Memorial day shooting at a Schnucks. Monday afternoon, around 12:45 p.m. North C...

Woman Murdered In North St. Louis

St. Louis, MO  (KTRS)  A woman is dead following an overnight shooting in north St. Louis. Police say the woman was gunned down in the 5800 block of...

Belleville man charged in Washington Ave shooting

( KTRS ) One suspect is facing charges connected to a fatal carjacking on Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis over the weekend. Police say that 19...

Brothers found safe, police still searching for “suspected shooter” father

( KTRS ) Police say the two young brothers of an 8-month-old boy shot to death by a suspect identified as his father have been found safe. Authorities...

Suspect in Brandi Hills death in custody

( KTRS ) Police report that 1 suspect wanted in connection with the death of Brandi Hill is in custody. On Tuesday morning, a 19-year old black male f...

Abduction alert issued after fatal shooting of 8-month-old boy

(KTRS) – Police issued a child abduction alert after a fatal shooting of an eight-month-old boy in St. Louis Tuesday afternoon. Investigators be...

Homicide detectives investigating fatal fire that claimed the life of family.

( KTRS /KTVI) Homicide detectives are investigating a fatal fire that claimed the lives of two parents and their 11-month-old daughter. The family was...

Woman Killed In Downtown St. Louis

St. Louis, MO  (KTRS)   A woman is dead and her infant child was found unharmed following a shooting in downtown St. Louis. Police say the woman wa...

Man Fatally Shot Overnight In North City

St. Louis, MO  (KTRS)  A man is dead following an overnight shooting in north St. Louis. Authorities say the victim was found shot to death early Fr...

Man sentenced to life in prison for shooting death of grandmother

ST. LOUIS (AP) – A St. Louis man has been ordered to spend the rest of his life in prison for his role in the 2014 shooting death of a bystander who...