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Milhaven: “John Hancock Either Ignorant or a Liar”


Woman dies in crash on snow-covered stretch of I-70

St. Louis, MO ( KTRS ) – An eastern Missouri woman has died in a crash on a snow-covered stretch of Interstate 70. The Missouri State Highway Pa...

Services planned for victims of Missouri shooting spree

TYRONE, Mo. (AP) – Relatives will begin burying victims of a southern Missouri shooting spree this week. Thirty-six-year-old Joseph Jesse Aldrid...

Suburban St. Louis police officer kills man in traffic stop

St. Louis, MO ( KTRS ) – A suburban St. Louis police officer has fatally wounded a 34-year-old man during a traffic stop. Shawn McGuire of the S...

The Carney Show re-airs the last interview they had with Leonard Nimoy, who passed away at 83

Leonard Nimoy passed away on Friday at the age of 83, after battling COPD. The Star Trek star was an icon to millions, and a not-too-infrequent guest ...

Internet Celeb Celka Impersonates KTRS Personalities

“I’m Celka, although on the internet right now people know me as CellCow. Less than a week ago, I posted some photos of me doing celebrity im...

Messenger Discusses Final Schweich Voicemail


White and Gold or Blue and Black?

ABC NEWS – The dress that broke the Internet.   What has spawned millions of social media posts, countless arguments, worldwide intrigue an...

Missouri lawmaker faults district after autistic boy beaten

Jefferson City, MO ( KTRS ) – A Missouri lawmaker is criticizing a suburban Kansas City school district after a student with Asperger’s sy...

Sarah Jane and The Blue Notes LIVE!!!