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Custody of Rally Cat Sparks Catfight between Cardinals and Feral Cat Outreach

ST. LOUIS (KTRS) Something of a catfight may be brewing between the St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach over future custody of Ra...

Cardinals To Hold Rally Cat Night Promotion On September 10

ST. LOUIS (AP) — This didn’t take long: The St. Louis Cardinals announced a Rally Cat Night promotion for their Sept. 10 game against Pittsbur...

It’s Official: Rally Cat Has Been Found, Safe and Sound

ST. LOUIS (KTRS) The Rally Cat has been found, safe and sound and resting with the St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach, where volunteers are treating the ca...

Feline On Field Sets Up Cardinals’ Grand Slam

ST. LOUIS (AP) – The Cardinals have a friendly feline to thank for their rally against the Royals. With the bases loaded and two outs in the six...

Cards Great Lou Brock Has Blood Cancer

ST. LOUIS (AP) The St. Louis Cardinals say Hall of Fame outfielder Lou Brock was recently diagnosed with blood cancer. The 77-year-old Brock was supp...

Bob Nightengale Talks About The Cardinals Hacking Scandal And Punishment

Bob Nightengale, USA Today baseball columnist, joined John Carney to discuss the St. Louis Cardinals hacking scandal and the punishment that resulted ...

Adam Wainwright Talks About His Upcoming Karaoke Event

Adam Wainwright joined Martin to talk about his upcoming karaoke event to benefit his charity, Big League Impact. Adam also talked about the Cardinals...

Whitey Herzog and Red Schoendienst Talk Cardinal Baseball

Whitey and Red joined Martin and Randi at Mari De Villa to talk Cardinal baseball and relive some baseball memories.

Mike Matheny and Rick Horton Talk Cardinals, Cubs and Dexter Fowler

Mike Matheny and Rick Horton joined Martin and Randi to talk about Cardinals vs Cubs and the Dexter Fowler signing.

The Author Of The Cardinals Way Talked About His Access And Experience Writing It

Howard Megdal, author of “The Cardinals Way,” joined Martin to talk about the access he was given and his experience getting to write that...