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St. Louis Police release video of shooting suspects

(KTRS) – St. Louis Police hope that surveillance video can help identify the gunmen who killed two people and injured a third outside of a St. L...

Former St. Louis Cop Charged With Murder In Suspect’s Death

St. Louis, MO (KTRS) A former St. Louis police officer is facing charges in the shooting death of a drug suspect. Jason Stockley is charged with first...

Former St. Louis Officer Gets Probation In Drunk Driving Case

St. Louis, MO  (KTRS)   A former St. Louis police officer won’t get any jail time after pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges of driving whil...

St. Louis police to undergo drug testing after shootings

ST. LOUIS (AP) — The St. Louis Police Department says police officers involved in a shooting or serious vehicle accident will undergo testing for dr...

Investigation continues after man dies in police custody

St. Louis, MO  (KTRS) – The family of a man who died while in St. Louis police custody is disputing the police version of what happened, but a ...

Suspect Dies While In St. Louis Police Custody

St. Louis, MO  (KTRS)  An investigation is underway after a suspect died while in St. Louis police custody. Police say the 27-year-old man was arres...

No Charges Will Be Filed In Police Shooting Of Mentally Ill Man

St. Louis, MO  (KTRS)  No charges will be filed against two St. Louis police officers who shot and killed a mentally ill man last year. The St. Loui...