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Police report: late Auditor Schweich felt abandoned by GOP

CLAYTON, Mo. (AP) – Police reports obtained by The Associated Press show former Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich felt abandoned by Republican allie...

Police Release More Information On The Death Investigation Of Auditor Tom Schweich

Evidence shows that the death of Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich on February 26th was a suicide.  That’s according to information released by inv...

More Information To Be Released On Auditor Tom Schweich’s Death

St. Louis, MO (KTRS)  Police are expected to release more information on the death of Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich. Schweich shot himself on Februar...

Danforth Exclusive Part 1 of 3: Stands By and Defends Schweich Homily


Police prepare to offer more information on the death of Spence Jackson

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – Police investigating the apparent suicide of the Missouri auditor’s spokesman say they will be discussing the c...

Death Of Late Auditor’s Media Director Possibly A Suicide

St. Louis, MO (KTRS)  The Show-Me-State is dealing with another possible suicide within Missouri’s political arena. The “St. Louis Post ...

Danforth aide says Missouri auditor shot himself after call

Jefferson City, MO ( KTRS ) – An aide to former U.S. Sen. John Danforth says she was on the phone with Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich discussing ...

Eli Yokley Discusses The Tom Schweich Funeral


Mourners To Gather For Tom Schweich Funeral

St. Louis, MO (KTRS)  —  It is a sad day for family, friends and colleagues of Tom Schweich as the 54 year old will be eulogized at his funera...

Lawmakers clear schedules for Schweich funeral

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – Missouri lawmakers are clearing their schedules to allow members to attend Auditor Tom Schweich’s funeral. The ...