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Posts Tagged: tax returns


Illinois Bill Would Mandate Presidential Candidates Release Tax Returns

SPRINGFIELD, ILL (AP) The Democratic-controlled Illinois Senate has narrowly endorsed a plan requiring presidential candidates to release their tax re...

Tax Day Protests Held in St. Louis, Nationwide

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Thousands of chanting, sign-carrying protesters took to the streets in cities across the nation Saturday, demanding that President...

Ryan defers to Trump on timing of tax release

WASHINGTON (AP) – House Speaker Paul Ryan says he released his tax returns and “I think we should” do so. But he said he’ll de...

Clinton shifts anti-Trump focus to tax return disclosure


The politics of being ‘anti-Trump’


Clinton to release 2015 tax returns soon

WASHINGTON (AP) – Hillary Clinton will soon release her 2015 tax returns. A source close to the Democratic presidential nominee says she will re...