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Terry Hall is a native St. Louisan, born raised in Maplewood, one of 11 children (8 boys, 3 girls) of Bud and Deloros Hall. Terry graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder and has spent 30 years as a real estate broker. He has hosted a real estate show on KTRS for many years. His taste in music started with Frank, moved to Elvis and Buddy Holly and he has become somewhat of a collector/fan of fun music whether it be piano or guitar melodies, unbelievable harmonies, crooning solo’s all pretty music in his own words. Hosting Thanks for the Memories gives him a chance to share those artists with you and let you share your own memories with him. Let’s just all sit back and enjoy the music.

Thanks for the Memories came into existence over a discussion between Terry Hall and upper management of KTRS about the fact there was not an opportunity in St. Louis for people to listen to music (just nice fun songs) that brought us back in time when our lives were filled with the memories of our childhood. Music that could magically wisk us back 30-40-50 years when our lives were filled with hope and dreams of all the things happening to us.. And so the program was born! The music is not from any special artist or genre but songs that that are ageless and have that musical ability to transport us back to our Memories!!!