The Big Sports Show - Weekdays 6:30pm-9pm CST

As the home of Mizzou, the sports staff all have “The Eye of the Tiger.” In additional to broadcasting Mizzou football, basketball, baseball and softball games, Tigers ancillary programming is a staple in The Big 550 coverage that includes it’s sports anchor: The Big Sports.


The best conglomeration of St. Louis sports voices reside here. Jim Heuer and John Hadley host the evening show with an insightful and respected array of team members. Airing 6:30-9:00 p.m. each weekday evening.


John Hadley

He pays homage to the great NFL offensive linemen with a stout stature often referenced as “The Round Mound of Sound.” In addition to his duties at KTRS he works nationally as an editorial consultant and statistical analyst.


Jim Holder

A booming voice, and gregarious personality are a few of the assets for one of the most popular sports voices in the city. His has mastered his craft for nearly four decades. He welcomes listeners to converse on and off the air… make sure you have an hour or so.


Howard Richards

A well-decorated Mizzou offensive linemen considered one of the best to ever don The Black & Gold… and should be in the Mizzou Hall of Fame. He played four different positions along the offensive line for the Dallas Cowboys and Coach Tom Landry for six seasons. He completed his career with the Seattle Seahawks however can be forgiven considering they were still AFC members. As the analyst in the broadcast booth for Mizzou football games, his knowledge of the game and Ol’ Mizzou provides listeners an insider view. Rowdy callers, beware, he did work for the CIA… and will find you.


Mike Kelly

The Voice of Mizzou joins The McGraw Milhaven Show weekdays mornings during the college football and basketball season.


Jim Heuer

Whether behind the microphone or in the production studio, he delivers quality 60 percent of the time every time. His straightforward approach enhances a terrific sports cranial database. Heuer also oversees sports specialty programs.


The Randolph’s

Jay Randolph is one of the most revered voices in St. Louis sports history. Whether working locally or nationally, his smooth style is well known. From the Olympics, to Cardinals baseball, golf majors to Blues hockey… His breadth of experience is significant with anecdotes that are priceless. Jay Randolph, Jr. continues the family lineage of quality broadcasters. Also having worked on a national scale, Jay Jr. maximizes contacts around the world crystallizing happenings on the links.


Joe Strauss

He is one of the most respected columnists in the country. Considered among the best baseball writers in the game, he has expanded his horizons as a columnist for The St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He passionately followed baseball, football, basketball and golf. He also has an incredible knack for annoying hockey fans. By the way… he is one of the best when it comes to forecasting the outcome of sporting events. This dude is good, just ask him.


Andy Strickland:

A hockey aficionado… the multi-talented analyst covers the St. Louis Blues for Fox Sports Midwest and KTRS. He is the host of Hockey Sense with Jamal Mayers and Sports Medicine with Dr. Rick Lehman. Despite numerous intra-office memos, he continues reach outside the world of puckdom offering opinion on others sports… and really believes what he says,really.


Jim Thomas

Football fans rejoiced when JT joined The Big 550, KTRS. He is the Rams beat writer for The St. Louis Post-Dispatch having previously covering Mizzou sports for The P-D. Thomas brings a unique and purposeful presentation that football fans devour throughout the season. When the national media wants the real deal, JT is the “go-to guy.” He is the father of two members of the military and a feature rock star, really, they tour and a have a CD, really.