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  • “The Turkey Day Game” between Kirkwood High School Pioneers and the Webster Groves High School Statesmen celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2007
  • As part of the 1988 Turkey Day Agreement, if either Varsity squad advances to the playoffs, the non-varsity members of the JV or Freshman squads play instead
  • The event alternates between Moss Field (Webster Groves) on even years and Lyons Field (Kirkwood) on odd years
  • In 2010, the two teams met in the Class 5 Semifinals the weekend before Thanksgiving; Webster Groves won 28-0
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In 2015, Kirkwood beat the Statesmen 42 to 13.
Webster Groves leads the series 53 – 43 with 5 ties and 8 cancellations.

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