Saturdays 3-4 p.m.

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Tune in from 3-4 pm Saturdays as Rick Kovacs and John “Smokey” Barker talk all things hardware.

Rick Kovacs and John “Smokey” Barker have loved tools and hardware since they were kids. They built and own the Two Fat Guys Ace Hardware in Greenwood, Indiana – which is just south of Indianapolis.

Smokey’s background is in electrical and carpentry. He retired from a large Indianapolis Health Care Center where he supervised many of the critical engineering departments including the Electrical Division. He went on to Commercial Real Estate Development and facilitated the establishment of over a dozen Ace Hardware Stores in the Midwest.

Smokey is happily married to Vicki, who also works at the store and they both raise Champion English Mastiffs –

Rick grew up in Commercial Real Estate maintenance and development. His family has been developing shopping centers and residential projects for over 40 years. Rick, his wife Kim, and their two children are all much younger than Smokey.

Rick’s hobbies are eating, drinking and hardware (in that order).

Both Rick and Smokey built their own homes in which they live today. Tools, hardware and having fun are their shared passion.

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