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This is a fourth career for Jay Kanzler, and one day soon, he’s going to have to choose between them.  Since 1991, Jay has been practicing law in St. Louis, first as a partner with Bryan Cave, then as a lawyer for Washington University in St. Louis, and for the last 13 years in his own firm, Witzel Kanzler & Dimmitt.  He is a graduate of St. Louis University School of Law.


In 2005, Jay completed his studies at St. Louis University for a Masters in Theology, and in 2006, he was ordained as an Episcopal priest (they are the priests that can be married).  He has been an assistant priest at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church and St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, and remains active in the church and with ministries outside the church.


Jay is also a filmmaker.  He has written and directed films, including Marshall’s Miracle, starring Lauren Holly, Elizabeth Shannon and St. Louis’ own, Bill Chott, and 23 Minutes to Sunrise, starring Eric Roberts.  His narrative and documentary films have shown in theaters and on television around the world, winning multiple awards along the way.  (Look closely and you’ll see McGraw Milhaven as the town’s mayor in Marshall).


So it only made sense that Jay would make use of the late night hours to host a radio show.  He caught the radio bug a few years back while appearing as a regular guest on the McGraw Milhaven Show.  He started filling in as host during McGraw’s 36 weeks of paid vacation each year.  He also sat in for the legendary John Carney along the way.  It’s true what they say, if you just hang around long enough, they can’t get rid of you.


St. Louis has been Jay’s home since 1979.  He’s been happily married for 28 years to his wife Karen, and is an uber-proud father of two, Jay a freshman at SMU, and Jennifer who is 15.  In his spare time, Jay tilts at windmills and looks through want ads for other career opportunities.