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Christian Questions - Sundays 6-7 AM CST

Christian Questions is a unique Sunday Morning Radio Talk Show that focuses on a Biblical approach to the questions concerns and challenges of life in our present day. We discuss a variety of questions relating to current events, social issues, moral dilemmas, Biblical prophecy and the teachings of Jesus. We don’t do politics! We do take live calls! We do promise a positive approach, real answers and that your time will be well spent when you join us. Live Sunday Mornings from 6-7 am on KTRS The Big 550AM


About Rick:

My personal Christian experience is as long as my life, as I was raised by parents whose dedication to serving God through Christ was as apparent as the nose on one’s face. Even as a teenager, while most were in a rebellious stage of life, I always had a drive towards God and chose to dedicate my life to walking in Jesus’ footsteps at the age of 16. It was the most major decision of my life, and as my dad always says of his own Christian walk, “I never looked back.

About Jonathan:

When I was in my 20’s, I had some difficulties in my life and felt like I hit bottom. I prayed to God for direction in my life. The LORD introduced me to an independent, non-denominational group called the Bible Students several months later in 1987. As I grew in understanding of God’s word, I truly understood that God is love. I dedicated my life to serving Him.