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Mr. Baur is the owner and founder of SSIC and SSIC’s Inner Circle, as well as the designated broker for Equity Missouri, a nationally renowned Real Estate brokerage firm. Just out of high school and realizing he wanted to be his own boss and be in charge of developing his own wealth, Mr. Baur broke into the Real Estate market as an agent in 1999. In the almost twenty years Mr. Baur has been in the industry, he has been party to thousands of Real Estate transactions, helping hundreds of families and individuals acquire personal residences and investment properties. Mr. Baur has bought and sold dozens of investment properties and has generated over twenty thousand leads in his marketing career. To his colleagues, Mr. Baur is known as a forward-thinking entrepreneur with a sharp business acumen. Nick is most proud of his family, his wife, Maria, and three children, Joceline, Claira, and Nicholas Jr.