Gone Viral

Another Crazy Dog Wins Over the Crowd at the Crufts Dog Show

Last year at the Crufts Dog Show in England a Jack Russell terrier stole the show.  But there was a dog this year who may have been even more entertaining.  A mixed breed named Kratu missed jumps, wandered away, and seemed uninterested in finishing the obstacle course.



Kratu is an emotional support dog so his owner is not measuring his worth by how well he competes.



Youtube: Comical Kratu Captivates Peter Purves

A Woman Has a Seizure While Driving on the Interstate, But No One Is Hurt

A woman in Florida posted dashcam video of what went down as she had a seizure WHILE driving.  You can hear her groan, and then the car veers off the freeway, plows over a light pole, hits some trees, and comes to a stop without hurting anyone.


She captioned the video, “I had a seizure while I was driving.  I’m okay and won’t be driving again until I am better.”


Youtube: Viral Hog

A Woman Is Stuck in Her Seatbelt, and Can’t Get Out of a Truck

This is from a few years ago, but it’s making the rounds.  A woman in a pickup truck is unable to unbuckle her seatbelt.  She’d been sleeping in the backseat and her tossing and turning got everything twisted.  She actually steps out of the pickup while still buckled. Some guy tries to help, but he’s useless.  The video ends before we see her get free.


Youtube: JukinVideo

A Bro Dances All Sexy on a Boat . . . Then Face-Plants

This was from last month in Brazil, but it’s making the rounds now.  A guy is on a boat and showing off his sexy dance moves.  His friends encourage him so he pulls himself onto the railing and does hip thrusts . . . until he loses his grip and face-plants on the deck.  Apparently he wasn’t hurt though.


Youtube: Viral Hog

A Guy Uses a Drone to Record His Marriage Proposal . . . But It Crashes

Some guy used a drone to film himself proposing to his girlfriend.  They’re vacationing in Iceland and the proposal was outside in the middle of nowhere.  Unfortunately, right before he drops to one knee the drone goes haywire and crashes into the snow.


Youtube: Viral Hog


A Guy Flips 63 Water Bottles in One Minute

An Ohio State football player named Drue Chrisman posted video of himself flipping 63 water bottles in one minute.  The bottles are partially filled with water and are lined up on a counter top.  He goes down the line flipping each one so it lands upright.


There’s no Guinness record yet for flipping water bottles but he’s in the process of submitting the proper evidence to make it official.

Twitter: Athlete Swag