The Guy Phillips Show

Weekdays 3pm – 6pm

Guy Phillips

Radio isn’t known for its stability or longevity. But after nearly 40 years, Guy Phillips is still here. Since 1979, Guy has been the cornerstone of entertainment radio in St. Louis. And now Guy will be heard in afternoon drive on The Big 550 KTRS!!


Guy is a humorous, wisecracking entertainer who makes the trip from work enjoyable, with fun interviews, star guests, and a different (albeit twisted) view of local and national events.


Guy graduated from New Mexico State University, where he majored in broadcast communications, and has left a legacy for future students with a scholarship in his name. He knew from the moment he stepped behind the microphone at the university’s radio and television stations that he wanted to pursue a career in entertainment.


Guy remains one of the most sought-after event emcees in the bi-state. Though his schedule is packed full, Phillips lends himself to many charitable organizations and donates hundreds of hours of service throughout the metro area.


Guy is married to Kim and is a dedicated father of three and three additional “bonus” kids. As an avid (obsessed) golfer, amateur photographer, avid traveler and licensed pilot, Guy is what one might consider busy.


As of 2005 Guy was inducted into the Saint Louis Radio Hall of Fame, nominated by the hall’s board of directors and voted on by local media, and recently he was nominated as a member in the National Radio Hall of Fame.

Heidi Glaus

Heidi Glaus joins The Guy Phillips Show on The Big 550 KTRS as co-host. Heidi is a former, long time reporter and host of “Show Me St. Louis” for KSDK television. Glaus is originally from the small town of New Madrid, Missouri she attended Williams Woods University and played Softball and Basketball. Following college, she started working at KSDK in 1996 as an intern, then transitioned into working as a production assistant for the network after her internship ended. She had originally planned on becoming a sport reporter, having been a long-time fan and participant in basketball and softball. Glaus moved into a home in Lafayette Square in 2006.