Re Thinking Retirement with Marvin Mitchell

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Marvin Mitchell is the President and Founder of Compass Retirement Solutions. Marvin is known for his caring personality and an enthusiasm for helping his clients plan for their financial future. His mission is to change the way people view retirement.

Focusing on retirees and pre-retirees, Marvin has guided his clients toward plans that shield their investments from stock market loss. This proved especially important during the recession. Along with protection from market loss he has focused on plans that provide his clients with guaranteed income for the rest of their lives and minimize the taxes owed by the next generation. Marvin is passionate about ensuring that his clients are able to enjoy a worry-free retirement. He cares deeply for each and every one of his clients and this comes through in his work.

Marvin is a St. Louis native and a graduate of Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville. In addition to his passion for finances, Marvin is a speaker, coach, and trainer certified by the John Maxwell Company. He has served as a board member for United4Children and is Vice President of Leadership Development for Urban League Young Professionals of St. Louis. In his spare time, Marvin enjoys traveling to tropical locations, softball, and being involved in his local church.

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