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Safe Money Radio Show[/vc_text_titles]
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Founder and President of SafeMoney[/vc_text_titles]

Denny Reed is the founder and President of SafeMoney, a St. Louis based Retirement Income Planning firm specializing in asset protection. He is the host of the Safe Money & Income Radio Show on The BIG 550 KTRS. Denny works across the country sharing his expertise to help people secure safe retirements. He is a graduate of Missouri State University and now studies at the American College of Financial Services where he is a participant in the Retirement Income Certified Professional program. He is also certified in Social Security Maximization strategies and Long-Term Care. He is a licensed insurance professional in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Arizona and California.

Denny is a former COO in an operating division of a Fortune 500 company where his integrity and leadership qualities helped guide others to success. He is passionate about helping people and created SafeMoney for those who are looking for safety, security and financial protection. He teaches concepts based on protection strategies and guaranteed streams of income. It is his belief that since you worked hard all your life you should consider how to mitigate your risk in retirement. He is dedicated to helping you protect and maintain your lifestyle for the rest of your life. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends and loves to read, travel, follow St. Louis Cardinals baseball and play golf and tennis.

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Check out their Official Website.

Phone: (314) 651-8350

Toll Free: (844) 415-SAFE

Email: denny.reed@me.com